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Storm Update: Jersey Shore

Our storm update series takes us from ongoing Moore, Oklahoma tornado recovery to the Jersey Shore, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in late October and early November of 2012.

Photo courtesy of fema.gov

Resulting in 131 deaths and $50 billion in economic losses, Hurricane Sandy recovery is ongoing, but progressing. The citizenry has rallied together, with the help of government assistance in emergency loans and FEMA funding, to remove debris from the coastline, reopen schools, and to rebuild their infrastructure stronger than before Sandy.

For the Jersey Shore, an important factor in recovery is the return of shore tourism, and come Memorial Day 2013, New Jerseyans slowly returned, leaving local business owners optimistic. After all, the Jersey Shore is more than just another beach destination to many natives (via NewJersey.com):

“I almost feel I have a moral obligation to come down at least once a week to the Shore area to have dinner. I’m going to try to do that this summer … [The Shore] is what New Jersey is. To me growing up as a kid, Seaside Park is where we went. There’s a draw, kind of like the salmon coming upstream. ” –New Jerseyan, Bob Canco



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