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Storm Update: Moore, Oklahoma

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be revisiting the sites of recent natural disasters to see how recovery is coming and how we can continue to help their efforts. 

Last May 2013, a vicious EF5 tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma, located just south of Oklahoma City. With winds exceeding 200 mph, the twister remained on the ground for over 50 minutes and traveled about 17 miles. 25 people were killed, including 10 children with Plaza Towers Elementary School among the hardest hit. To help conceptualize the breadth of damage, The Atlantic compiled this interactive map illustrating the extensive damage.

Moore Oklahoma recovery, Moore Oklahoma update

Photo courtesy of TheAtlantic.com

In the aftermath, the nation rallied around Moore. And as a result—and despite three completely devastated schools—classes resumed in Moore, Oklahoma just three months following the storm with volunteers helping to set up classrooms and stock books. Superintendent of Moore public schools, Robert Romines, called the new school year “the start of a new normal.”

Of course, the town has not completely recovered, nor will it. Beyond the remaining physical damage, the mental and emotional insecurity of the sudden and horrific natural disaster undoubtedly linger in Moore. For our part, we donated $70,000 worth of preparedness radios to aid Moore, Oklahoma recovery, as well as matching all sales of the FRX2 through our website with a donation to storm relief.  The greatest peace of mind is preparedness for anything and the availability of information when disaster does strike.

Still interested in helping Moore, Oklahoma? Moore.Recovers.com is focused on assisting the long-term recovery efforts in Moore. 

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