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Super Successful Super Bowl Party Planning

With Super Bowl XLVIII just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what you need to throw the best Super Bowl party around! Aside from the hot wings, cheese dip, drinks, and jerseys, here are a few tips you’ll need to plan for the party, pump up your party, keep the fun going, and celebrate (or grieve) for your favorite Super Bowl contender!

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Planning the Best Party Around

The best Super Bowl party in the neighborhood isn’t just going to happen – it will take careful party planning. The first thing to consider is the guest list. Keep in mind during the planning stage what kind of Super Bowl party are you going for. Do you plan to have the die-hard football fans, or is it going to be more of a casual get-together (with the television turned on to the game)? Invite accordingly!

Planning the menu is the next step to a successful Super Bowl party. Super Bowl standards are always a hit, so make some hot wings or try a great chili recipe.  But if you’re strapped for time, pizza is always a good option! Finally, make sure you have enough appetizers and drinks – stock up on snacks, beverages, your beer of choice, and offer a nice mixed drink option for those non-beer drinkers

The Pregame

On the day of Super Bowl, plan some time to set the scene. Make a nice atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy the game! Spring for some decorations – festive streamers, team-colored cups and plates, or team pennants will definitely get everyone in the Super Bowl spirit.

As your guests arrive, be sure to put on your favorite party playlist. Puny sound on game day is simply not an option. Pick up a quality speaker system such as the solar-powered Etón Rukus XL to keep the beats bumping from pregame to postgame. Take this powerful, wireless system wherever the party is and easily control it via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.

During the Game

At kick off, tune into the Super Bowl on the largest television you can and be sure you have planned for everyone to have a place to relax and enjoy the game. Not everyone is going to be glued to the TV, so plan to set up your wireless speaker system in another room for guests to enjoy some music when not watching the game, or tune into a live stream or radio broadcast of the game when the TV room gets too cramped.

If you find yourself checking the scores from your phone or tablet, be sure to keep a nice charge on your device. Plan ahead and don’t let a dead cell phone battery prevent you from rejoicing at your team’s victory on social media. Be sure to share your Super Bowl Party success stories to Facebook, and tweet @etoncorporation.

Post-Game Hangout

Just because the Super Bowl is over doesn’t mean the party is! Throw a few more snacks on the food table, refresh the refreshments, and put out some sweets and desserts.

And as always, enjoy the game, the food, and the refreshments responsibly. Have the name and number of a reliable taxi service, or extra pillows and blankets in the event that guests need a place to stay for the night. Plan ahead for such instances and you and your guest will have a blast while staying safe.

Follow these steps to preparing for a great Super Bowl party, then kick back, grab a beer and some snacks, and relax with friends for a great day of football.

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