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Tech Trends to Expect in 2014

A new year is upon us, which means new resolutions, new goals, and new tech gear. After taking a look at all the tech trends and devices that 2013 had to offer, it’s no surprise that we’re excited to see what 2014 has in store for us. Here are a few tech trends to expect in 2014. Take a look!

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  1. Bigger Screens: In a world where Samsung’s 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 3 and 5 inch Galaxy S4 are selling fast, Apples 4 inch iPhone 5S is the runt of the smartphone litter. For 2014, expect Apple to introduce bigger and better. The iPhone 6 is expected to be released in the fall of 2014 with a larger display. Tablet screen size will also increase in order to facilitate screen sharing.
  2. Smartwatch Break-Through: 2013 was complete with a number of admirable attempts to build a smartwatch mass market, which so far has failed to deliver. In 2014, Google and Apple are expected to enter the smartwatch market in a big way. Both companies have services that are reasonably priced and should work well on customers’ wrists.
  3. Windows Bringing Back the Start Menu: For 2014, a new version of windows will bring the real “Start” menu back and allow users to run the new-style “Metro” apps in their own windows on desktops. The tile-based “Moder UI” will still be available for users that want it, particularly tablet users.
  4. Chrome OS Looks More like Windows: In 2014, we expect Chrome OS to continue evolving with more offline apps and a better array of hardware.  In order to keep up with a new generation of tablets and touch-screen devices, Chrome OS UI will also have to become more touch-friendly.
  5. Laptops Launch with USB Power Delivery: If for some unlucky reason you lose your laptop’s AC adapter, you’ll find yourself in a situation where it’s difficult to get your hands on a replacement. Enter USB power delivery, a new standard that will allow high-wattage gadgets—like laptops—to get both power and data over a single, convenient USB connection.
  6. 3-D Printing: And for the most revolutionary consumer tech for 2014, successful 3-D printing is expected to launch. After years of trying, the 3-D printing industry may finally become reality thanks to fair prices and a growing interest in DIY manufacturing.
  7. Green Technology: Energy efficient and eco-conscious technology will continue to be big in 2014. The Etón BoostTurbine 4000 crank power generator, for instance, amazingly produces enough power for four minutes of talk time, while our rukus line of solar-powered boom boxes harness the power of the sun to blast music.

With all the new tech gear and promising new trends and devices, it’s hard to keep track of all the updates that 2014 has to offer. Luckily, Eton Corp stays up-to-date on new technology and all the tech trends to watch out for. Follow @EtonCorporation on Twitter for the most relevant tech-related information and stay current with all 2014 has to offer.

Tell us, what tech trends do you think will define 2014? 

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