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The Worst “Weather Bowls” of Yesteryear

image via: Deadspin

Verdict is still out on this weekend’s Super Bowl weather, but everyone is on high alert and keeping prepared in the event of inclement weather at MetLife. Shockingly, this is not the first time ill-fated weather has struck a major football game. Take a look at some of the most memorable ‘Weather Bowls’ of yesteryear, as recapped by The Weather Channel:

  • Super Bowl VI: Jan. 16, 1972 (New Orleans, La.) - Due to political and construction delays, the Superdome was not completed, as hoped, in time for the 1972 Super Bowl. Therefore, the clash between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins would take place outdoors at Tulane Stadium. This was the coldest non-dome Super Bowl on record, with daytime highs only topping out in the low 40s.
  • 1948 NFL Championship: Dec. 19, 1948 (Philadelphia, Penn.) - The 1948 title game, the first to be televised, was played in a major snowstorm. Over 36,000 fans turned out, some of which got in free, if they brought a shovel and helped clear the field.
  • 1967 NFL Championship: “The Ice Bowl,” Dec. 31, 1967 (Green Bay, Wis.) - The predicted Arctic front arrived even earlier and much colder than forecast. It was, and still is, the coldest game in NFL history, with a kickoff temperature of -15 degrees.

It’s hard to predict the weather for the Big Game, but the same goes for all the viewers watching from the comfort of home. That in mind, stay prepared in case of a inclement conditions this weekend.

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