30 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Tips to Help You Save Money in 2014

save money in 2014

Tips to help you save money in 2014 so your bank account is ready to upgrade electronics at any moment.

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17 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Weekend Warrior Challenge: Install Aerators On Faucets


Want to reduce your water usage as much as 50 percent at home, without changing your daily habits? It’s easy; just install aerators to all of your faucets.

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26 April 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Weekend Warrior Challenge: Hang a Clothes Line

Green DIY weekend projects: how-to hang a laundry line

As the weather is warming up, we all are jumping at the chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. While you are completing other outdoor projects, like planting a garden or sprucing up your deck, why not save time and energy on an indoor chore at the same time – drying clothes!

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